We Uncover Value Other Attorneys Miss

A young boy suffered catastrophic brain injury during a surgical procedure. His case languished for more than 15 years with an attorney who was prepared to settle for several hundred thousand dollars-an amount that wouldn’t have come close to paying for a lifetime of his required medical care. The family refused to settle for that amount and hired Law offices of Sanford Rosenblum.

Before I inherited this case, the prior attorney an initial evaluation concluded that the child was not a victim of malpractice. But I decided to conduct my own research to see if the case was stronger than others thought. I scoured the country for a “dream team” of renowned medical experts-world-renowned specialists from major medical centers such as Texas Heart Institute, Duke, Yale, Harvard, and Johns Hopkins.

These experts confirmed my suspicions-that there was indeed a case, but from a perspective that the previous lawyer didn’t recognize. Because of my ability to assemble a team of medical experts, I were able to find value that previous attorneys didn’t.

After five weeks of trial, this case wound up settling for a significant amount (which I can not disclose for confidentiality reasons).

I can’t promise your results will be as significant, but I can promise this: If you become my client, I will use my extensive experience in personal injury law to uncover potential value and liability that other personal injury attorneys may not understand.

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