Our Commitment Extends Beyond the Courtroom

Laura (name changed to protect confidentiality) was four years old when she was stricken by an uncommon form of meningitis. A delay in treatment caused a serious brain injury. Her family was heartbroken and worried about the kind of life she would be able to live.

We worried about that too. So even before I knew how strong Laura’s case was (or even if she had a case), I worked with her family to make sure she was getting all the benefits entitled to her by law.

At school, Laura had been getting just a single session of physical therapy per week. Even though her health was failing, her school district refused to pay for any additional services-despite a legal requirement to give every student the therapy and support services required to get a proper education.

We sent three lawyers and a specialist in rehabilitation services to approach the school district. As a result of my intervention, the school agreed to provide her with five sessions per week of physical, speech, and occupational therapy. We also got the school to pay for a full-time, one-to-one aide and a computer speech device to help with her communication difficulties.

As a result, Laura was able to take a more active role in school, and her health and capabilities improved significantly. We later were able to pursue a case that was settled for a significant amount (which I cannot disclose for confidentiality reasons).

If you become my client, I’ll give you the same total commitment I gave Laura-both inside and outside the courtroom. I don’t get paid more for these services (I didn’t in this example). We just think it’s part of my responsibility to my clients.

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