New York Worker Killed While Constructing Rail Tunnel Beneath Manhattan

Compared to other states, New York’s laws are highly favorable to construction workers and their families. Not only are state jobsite safety requirements strict, but workers who are injured in construction accidents are empowered to collect the full amount of monetary compensation they deserve.

Yet, as forward-thinking as New York is in terms of construction safety, construction mishaps still happen. A recent deadly accident in a partly-completed Manhattan tunnel underscores this harsh reality.

Falling Concrete Results in New York Construction Worker Death

Late in 2011, tragedy struck in a tunnel 140 feet beneath Park Avenue in Manhattan. A 26-year-old construction worker, was crushed when a patch of sprayed-on concrete fell from the tunnel ceiling.

The construction worker’s death was the first worker fatality at an active Metropolitan Transportation Authority construction site in several years. Work has been suspended in the tunnel while workplace-safety regulators investigate the fatality, but a significant delay in the completion of the rail line is not expected.

The contractor the victim had been working for was fined by federal officials for another Manhattan construction site accident earlier in 2011, and was also under investigation for a less-serious accident that had occurred shortly before the death at the tunnel jobsite.

Compensation for Construction Accidents

For the families of workers like the Manhattan construction worker, or for workers suffering as a result of similar nonfatal accidents, significant compensation may be available with the help of New York falling object injury attorneys.

For most types of on-the-job injuries or deaths, workers’ compensation provides benefits without any requirement that the victim prove fault on the part of his or her employer. Workers’ compensation also helps employers by establishing predictable liability limits.

But, seeking damages beyond workers’ compensation is an option for many injured construction workers or the families of fatally injured workers. Bringing a personal injury claim against some responsible third party other than the victim’s employer (like a general contractor, a property owner or the manufacturer of defective equipment) can net significant monetary damages in excess of the benefits provided by workers’ comp.

Take Action If a Workplace Injury Has Touched Your Life

If a construction accident has impacted you or a family member, take steps to safeguard your right to compensation. Report any workplace injury, regardless of how minor it may seem, to supervisors immediately. Obtain a thorough medical review as soon as possible. And, be sure to contact a qualified attorney who can not only address your workers’ compensation needs but can also potentially bring a personal injury claim on your behalf.