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Hospital’s “Quiet Zone” Found to Decrease Medication Errors

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Medication errors injure approximately 1.3 million Americans each year and cause, on average, at least one death every day. All told, these errors cost over $3.5 billion each year. The Federal Drug Administration lists several common causes of the errors, including poor communication, poor procedures or techniques, confusing packaging and ambiguities in product names or […]

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Will You Soon Be Paying a “Baby Tax” To Subsidize Doctors’ Malpractice?

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New York’s Medicaid Redesign Team is considering the controversial Proposal 131. Besides putting strict caps on non-economic compensation for medical malpractice suits, the proposal would establish a birth injury fund. This fund would be financed by a surcharge paid by liability insurance companies with costs likely passed onto small businesses and any insurance consumer. Although […]

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